This beautiful home was custom built and designed with every aspect of detail, and with no stones left unturned.  The following information has been provided so you can enjoy and appreciate the care, quality and professional workmanship that went into this exquisite home and lot.


Approximately 9,000 sq/ft of finished floor space, uniquely divided into three (3) separate units, which could easily be opened into one outstanding home.


Surrounding this home is 3,200 linear feet of oak posts, ranging in size from 4” to 8”, which represents approximately 975 posts, all installed to create retaining walls and landscaping for gardens, shrubs and walkways.  To complete the grounds and landscaping, 27 truckloads of gravel and mixed soil, plus 22 truckloads of topsoil were layered around the 2.22 acres of land.


The following is a list of the masonry materials that created the foundation for this custom structure:

  1. 12” Cast concrete foundation walls,
  2. Cast concrete doors and window hinb, etc.
  3. Cast concrete window wells,
  4. Cast concrete gullys
  5. 1,200 linear feet of reinforcing rods
  6. 900 sq/ft of wire mesh
  7. Cast concrete garbage disposal box (8’ x 4’ x 2 ½’)
  8. Cast concrete manhole above septic tank
  9. 2,950 concrete blocks 10’ & 8’
  10. 1544 sq ft foundation walls w.2 x ½ parge coat
  11. 1,654 sq/ft foundation walls with 2 layers of Zituman


Wood Construction:

  1. 13,000 linear feet of Spruce 2” x 10” walls
  2. 3,700 linear feet of Spruce 2” x 8” walls
  3. 6,300 linear feet of Spruce 2” x 6” walls
  4. 120 linear feet of Fir beams 8” x 8”
  5. 11,000 sq/ft of BC Cedar 2” x 6”


Stone Work:

  1. 10,000 sq/ft of Ashlar Angel Stone



  1. 197 Bundles of Black Velvet Shingles 210 lbs.


Septic and Drainage Pipes:

  1. 120 linear feet of PVC pipes x 4’
  2. 800 linear feet of BO pipes x 4’


Floor Area:



2,855 sq/ft plus

650sq/ft wooden terrace


Main Floor:

2,855 sq/ft plus

993 sq/ft 2” thick cedar patio


Second Floor:

2,752 sq/ft plus

1,209 sq/ft 2”thick cedar balconies



8,462 sq/ft

2,852 sq/ft



(Coach House:


1,100 sq/ft)



Doors, Windows, Patios and Balconies:

  1. All entrance doors are Stanley Steel
  2. 1 Set of double head entrance doors with clad wh. Fr. 36” frame size
  3. 2 Sidelights (one on each side) tinted glass
  4. 2 Front apartment steel doors with tinted glass
  5. 1 Steel door, clear window, 42” frame
  6. Other Outside Doors:   7 – 34” doors         8 – 32” doors
  7. Inside Doors:   10 bi-fold with 5’ openings
  8. 13 bedroom doors, colonial 30”
  9. 61 Awning Windows, Donat Laflamme double glaze sealed thermal, all flushed mount with 5 5/8”, all cedar frames


  1. 450 sq/ft patios adjoining the main floor of the central unit on the east side
  2. 500 sq/ft of patio adjoining the recreation/TV room in the basement



  1. 50 Linear feet of balconies by the dining room and the 2 south bedrooms of the central unit
  2. 48 Linear feet of balconies adjacent to the living room, kitchen and bedroom of the 3rd unit
  3. 85 Linear feet of balconies adjacent to bedrooms, kitchen and dining room of the 2nd unit



  1. All walls and ceilings are plastered with 80% tapestry covered
  2. Hardwood throughout on the first and second floors, the basement is carpeted


Equipment Included:

  1. Three (3) kitchens have cabinets by Hanover and ceramic floor tiles
  2. Three (3) Jenn Air stoves, refrigerators and dishwashers
  3. Three (3) zero clearance woodburning fireplaces
  4. Three (3) laundry room facilities, each equipped with washers and dryers
  5. Fire and security system


Lots of storage areas to accommodate all three units having the potential of expanding the workshop, or sewing room, cold and preserve room, computer room, the possibilities are endless!


Garages:  2 Double car garages

Drilled Well Pumps:  10 gal per min. With 120’ steel casing x 6’, having a submersible pump and 180’ from the well to the home x ¾” pipe.  The water lines are 5’ underground.


Electrical Service:  200 amp, three (3) individual services, three meter bases, three meters, three panels, with 200 amp switches, splitters and panels


Septic System:  1,000 gallon tank, having five (5) runs x 50’ of PVC pipe 4’, gravel bed, crushed stone.